Meet Sense

The first system for understanding your sleep and bedroom

Sense is a simple system that tracks your sleep, monitors the surroundings in your bedroom and reinvents the alarm, so you can sleep better.

Sense combines the insight of your sleep patterns with the data of the environment in your bedroom, including noise, light, temperature, humidity and particles in the air. When you know what helps or hinders your sleep, you can fix it.

And Sense's Smart Alarm will wake you up in the morning at the right point in your sleep cycle, to avoid that tired feeling we all hate so much.

Available with free iPhone and Android applications.

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You're asleep.
It's working.

Sense comes with a little device called a Sleep Pill. It simply attaches to your pillow and invisibly tracks your sleep at night. Sense knows when you're falling asleep, soundly asleep, thrashing about, or waking up. Everything.

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The Verge
“This sleek sleep tracker analyzes your bedroom, and your sleep patterns…”
“…empower users to improve how they sleep.”
Huffington Post
“…takes sleep analytics to a new level…”

Wake up feeling refreshed, not tired

We all have a natural sleep cycle, but a normal alarm will wake you up regardless of when's best for you. Sense's Smart Alarm knows the right time to wake you up, so you will feel alert and refreshed.

If you want to be up by 9:30am, but you're already half awake at 9:15am, then your alarm should go off then, not wait for you to fall deeper into sleep and force you awake later feeling terrible.

Sense does this by watching your natural sleep cycle and sensing when you’re in light sleep, not deep sleep.

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Understand the most important room
in your life

We spend a third of our lives in our bedroom. It has such a huge impact on our sleep and therefore our lives, but we hardly even think about it.

Sense's high precision sensors are able to identify noise - in your bedroom and beyond; pick up on light disturbances; monitor temperature and humidity conditions; and see particulates in the air such as dust and pollen.

Sense emits a beautiful glow showing the condition of your room either just before you go to sleep or when you wave your hand over. Stop being in the dark about the most imporant room of your life.

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Your personal Sleep Score

Each night Sense calculates your Sleep Score. This score takes into account all of the sensor data and variables that Sense monitors to generate a score out of 100 for your previous night.

It looks at both the environment of your bedroom, such as disturbances during the night or whether your room was too bright for an ideal night’s rest, as well as how you actually slept yourself.

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