Monitor your sleep. Effortlessly.

Together, Sense and the included Sleep Pill help you learn not only how well you slept, but why you slept the way you did.

Sleep Pill

Clips to your pillow and tracks your sleep through your movement during the night. There's nothing to wear or charge. All you need to do is sleep.


Your environment affects your sleep, so Sense uses an array of sensors to monitor the environmental conditions throughout the day and while you sleep.


But don't just monitor your sleep.
Understand it.

The Sense app gives you instant access to everything you could want to know about your sleep. View a detailed breakdown of your sleep cycles, see what happened during your night, discover trends in your sleep quality, and more.

Improve your sleep with personalized insights.

Sense helps you get the most out of your sleep with suggestions tailored to your sleep patterns. Find your optimal sleeping environment, and learn how your daily routine impacts the quality of your sleep.

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Wake up energized with your Smart Alarm.

Being woken up from deep sleep leaves you feeling groggy and tired. Sense can wake you up during the lightest phase of your sleep, leaving you feeling refreshed and ready to take on your day.

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Fall asleep easily with Sleep Sounds.

Ambient sounds can help you fall asleep and stay slumbering through the night. Drift off to sleep with a selection of calming Sleep Sounds like White Noise, Fireside, and more.

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Speak to Sense to find out how well you slept, set your Smart Alarm, play Sleep Sounds, and more.

Sleep better with Sense.
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