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Whether you want to know how well you slept last night or just want to set an alarm, using Sense has never been easier. Start by saying "Okay Sense."

“Okay Sense, how did I sleep last night?”
Create your perfect sleeping environment.

Sense is packed with sensors that monitor the conditions in your bedroom, giving you unparalleled insight into how your environment affects your sleep.

“Okay Sense, what’s the temperature?”
Air Quality

Poor air quality has been correlated with increased risk of poor sleep, and sustained levels of poor air quality can be detrimental to your overall health.


Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) may lead to irritated eyes, headaches, allergies, or asthma, which may in turn impact the quality of your sleep.


High concentrations of carbon dioxide (CO2) can impair brain activity and make it difficult to breathe.


At night, your body temperature cools to help induce sleep, and the right external temperature can help your body achieve this more easily.


Rooms that are too dry or too humid can make it harder to fall asleep, as well as affect your health.


Too little light in the morning or too much at night can confuse your circadian rhythm and make it much harder to maintain a healthy sleep schedule.

UV Light

Ultraviolet (UV) radiation makes overexposure to sunlight damaging to your skin, causing sunburns and putting you at higher risk for skin cancer.


Even if you manage to doze off in a noisy environment, your brain continues to register sound, meaning nighttime noise can disrupt your sleep even if it doesn’t wake you up.

Just clip the Sleep Pill to your pillow.

Sense is designed to fit into your life, not complicate it. The Sleep Pill clips to your pillow and tracks your sleep using a precision accelerometer — there’s nothing to wear, and nothing to charge. It gets out of the way, so you can just sleep.

Add an additional Sleep Pill.

Share your bed? Just add an additional Sleep Pill and you and your partner can track your sleep with your own Sleep Timeline and Insights using the same Sense.

Know exactly how you slept. And why.
“Okay Sense, what was my Sleep Score?”
Sleep Score

Sense analyzes the enviroment in your bedroom, your sleep during the night, and more to provide you with an easy to reference Sleep Score.

Sleep Timeline

See a detailed analysis of your sleep cycles and events that occur during the night, including the time you went to sleep, the time you woke up, and more.

Discover how to sleep better.

As Sense learns about your sleeping patterns, it will begin to provide you with detailed, personalized suggestions on how to improve your sleep through changes to your environment and routine. When you know how your day affects your night, you’ll know how to sleep better.

Sleep soundly.

Your brain registers and processes sound even while you sleep, which means that noises during the night can disrupt your rest, even if you aren’t aware of them. Cover up disruptive nighttime noise with soothing Sleep Sounds.

“Okay Sense, play Sleep Sounds.”






Autumn Wind

White Noise

Forest Creek

Wake up on the right side of the bed.

Your body naturally wakes up from the lightest phase of your sleep cycle, but traditional alarms can pull you out of deep sleep, leaving you feeling groggy and tired. Sense’s Smart Alarm wakes you gently, up to 30 minutes before your set time — depending on where you are in your sleep cycle.

“Okay Sense, wake me up by 8 AM.”
Make your morning even better with Expansions.

Connect Sense to compatible smart devices, and automatically set up your bedroom just the way you like it when you wake up with Sense’s alarm.

Control your connected lights.

Connecting to Sense allows your Philips Hue system to activate a scene when Sense’s alarm sounds, so you wake up to your favorite scene every morning.

“Okay Sense, turn off the lights.”
Adjust the temperature in your room

Connecting to Sense allows your Nest Learning Thermostat to set a specific temperature ahead of your Sense alarm, so you wake up to your ideal temperature every morning.

“Okay Sense, set the temperature to 70º.”

Sleep better with Sense.
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